The Future Leaders program will help youth build knowledge and skills, as well as access to resources to help them achieve life goals, economic mobility, and become responsible parents. The Future Leaders program will provide activities and curriculum designed for7th and 8th grade youth. Approximately 2,500 students from seven urban and rural school districts around Missouri will participate in the program. Making the curriculum available to a variety of schools-large and small, urban and rural-is important to the grant’s sustainability.


Program curriculum and interactive activities will help pre-teens and young adults gain the knowledge, skills, and access to resources necessary to thrive as an adult. The program curriculum will consist of thirteen units. Each unit should take approximately 30 minutes to one hour of instruction time. The curriculum will cover six units of pre-parenthood, six units of financial literacy and one unit of child support information.

Leadership Institute

The program will also host a smaller group of participants that will attend a Leadership Institute on a Missouri college campus to develop a deeper understanding and become mentors to 7th grade peers on pre-parenthood topics for the subsequent school year.


The program’s measurements will be provided by the grant’s evaluator and metrics provided by participants. The active evaluation will be conducted by the University of Missouri and will last 3 years.