Parenting Curriculum


The Parenting Can Wait curriculum will offer two responsible parenting tracts. The parenting curriculum tract will be offered to program participants who are parents and will address the financial, legal, and emotional responsibilities of being a parent as follows:

Module 1: Parenting

Keyword: Parenting

Module 1 Summary: Because the perfect parent does not exist and we cannot teach persons to be perfect parents, it is more realistic to teach them to be competent parents.

Module 2: Readiness for Parenting 

Keyword: Readiness

Module 2 Summary: Some of the major difficulties and frustrations of parenting can be prevented by preparing for parenting.

Module 3: Basic Needs and Safety

Keyword: Needs

Module 3 Summary: The basic recognition that children must consistently be provided with Food, Water, and Shelter is a good place to start.

Module 4: Social and Cultural Belonging

Keyword: Society

Module 4 Summary: Traditionally, it has been the child’s family and cultural community that have the responsibility for the transmission of values, expectations, and ways of doing things, especially during the early years of life.

Module 5: Communication

Keyword: Communication

Module 5 Summary: The relationship between a parent and their child is a unique bond that nurtures the complete growth and development of a child.

Module 5: Guidance and Discipline

Keyword: Discipline

Module 5 Summary: The meaning of discipline is frequently misunderstood and commonly used interchangeably with punishment.

Module 6: Co-Parenting

Keyword: Co-Parenting

Module 6 Summary: Co-parenting is when two people are not in a romantic relationship but work together to raise their child or children.