Pre-Parenting Curriculum

Module 1: So You Think You Want to Be a Parent?

Keyword: Readiness

Module 1 Summary: Have you ever heard of the old adage (saying), “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, in many cases, this is true.

Module 2: Human Needs and Safety

Keyword: Needs

Module 2 Summary: The basic recognition that children must consistently be provided with Food, Water, and Shelter is a good place to start.

Module 3: Social Belonging

Keyword: Identity

Module 3 Summary: It is important to have lived long enough to develop a healthy sense of maturity rooted in identity development and a healthy sense of social belonging and the importance of others.

Module 4: Relationships Bullying Focus Group

Keyword: Experiences

Module 4 Summary: Perhaps the most important thing that can be learned from the social belonging module is that you must live long enough to understand yourself and your relation to others before engaging the role of becoming a parent.

Module 5: Sense of Purpose and Achievement

Keyword: Self-Actualization

Module 5 Summary: Preparedness for parenting requires that an individual has lived long enough for their experiences to be vast, vetted, and transformed into a value.

Module 6: Exploring the Realities of Being a Parent

Keyword: Parent

Module 6 Summary: Exploring the realities of being a parent is a difficult task to absorb, especially in the absence of ever having this responsibility. Therefore, it can represent challenges to young people who may still be in the process of developing themselves and under the dependence and care of others.